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`RAINY’ First of its kind Dual Intensity Rainwater Harvesting Filters with self cleaning and auto flush out arrangements. The technology has been installed in a number of Government sponsored projects along with World Bank assisted projects reaching the remote corners of the Country, including urban areas.
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Borewell Recharging

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  • 'V' Wire Technology adopted in Kolar District
    Farmland 'V' wire technology implemented in Kolar by IFFCO, through TAPCMS, 635 Borewells recharged. IFFCO official visited the sites. Read more

  • Borewells recharged at Tumkur and Belgaum District
    The ST Corporation Bangalore sponsored recharging of Borwells at Tumkur and Belgaum Districts. 205 Benificiaries were benifitted by this programme.  Read more